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The night life in Hamburg is one full of contrasts, twists and diversity. The night life there ranges from stylish hangout clubs, small dance clubs, harbor bars to ultra hip techno temples. Every part of the city has its own kind of night life but the most concentrated areas are in and around the Schanzenviertel and St. Paul as most of the night bars and clubs are located in these areas. In Hamburg, the night life usually starts from 11 pm and goes on all through the night. With a fantastic cityscape during daytime, Hamburg doesn’t fail to amaze its visitors even during the night. It has a number of modern nightclubs and hangouts that offer unmatchable stylish scenes that are of a great diverse nature for tourists from all walks of life.

Although every part of the city has its own kind of unique charm, more fun is concentrated in the district of St. Pauli and Schanzeviertel. Most dance clubs, erotic entertainment joints and establishments are found here. The neon-lit famous Reeperbahn streets are no doubt a must-see for any visitor who wants to wind down in magnificent club scenes that offer Hamburg’s legendary nightlife. This makes the city one of the best entertainment hubs of its kind in the whole Germany.

When visiting Hamburg, it’s advisable that you use the location site tour guides who have compiled a good list of the kind of entertainment places that will suit your status

Some of the popular night life spots include Superfly, Lounge, Molotow, Funky Pussy Club, Dollhouse, Waagenbau, Cult Club, Schilleroper, Angie’s Nightclub, Club Atlantic, Bangue National,  to name but a few. These clubs offer different styles of music and entertainment as per the club. The styles include jazz, soul, life bands, hip-hop, r&b, rock electronic, party klassikers, techno, mixed, live gigs and strip clubs.

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