Hamburg Attractions

The city of Hamburg has a magnificent cityscape with plenty of tourist attractions. It has large wide open spaces, lakes and rivers that offer a range of fascinating features for sightseeing. By the help of the guided tours around the old city called Altstadt and the Neustadt new city, you will be able to get an experience that is just out of this world. You will afford a wonderful cruise along Hamburg’s canals and lakes, all in one trip.

The famous Reeperhan is perceived as a must-see for many visitors to the city since it’s a respectable shopping esplanade. This will lead you to a beautiful island that showcases nature at its best. Some of the other noticeable attractions of the city is the huge Alster lake also known as Binnenalster that covers an area of about 400 by 160 acres of the cityscape. The lake is encircled by other similar green areas that are appropriate for summer strolls and picnics. The lake has no entrance charges and it operates for twenty four hours.

Connecting the district of st. Pauli-that by passes other tourist attractions along the way with steinwerder, is the old Elbe Tunnel that was constructed in the 20th century. The theme of the over 400 meters long tunnel continues in itself with a beautiful dome-shaped entrance and decorative tiles. This colorful tunnel becomes one of the fine ways of getting to the island, which offers a good view of the harbor. Although it is such a beautiful attraction, it might not be suitable for claustrophobics. It’s also open daily but between 05:00 and 21:00 hours and it only charges visitors who want to enter with their vehicles.

The huge hamburger fair that is held three times a year can be a thrilling family attraction since it offers favorites like merry-go- rounds and of course the roller coasters that date way back in the day. If you buy a family ticket, you will be treated to great discounts for food and great rides on Wednesdays that are usually family days. This fair is held in Hamburg three times a year during summer, spring and winter seasons. The attraction is opened on different hours of the week with the first batch of Monday to Thursday being open from 15:00 to 23:00 and Friday to Saturday being open form 15:00 to 23:00, if you choose to be here on a Sunday, the fair is open form 14:00 to 23:00. There is a charge that guarantees you more value for your money.

The unique atmosphere and the neon-lit streets of the Reeperhan makes it one of the special joints where most tourists want to spend a night winding down. It has a number excellent bars and theaters that give this city nightlife. With the numerous sex stores, it attracts visitors form all works of life ready to have funny through the night. Being one of the most famous stretches in this country and open twenty four hours, it attracts all types of people.