Best places to see in Hamburg city

Hamburg is huge city that comes after Berlin as with respect to population and size but has credible and better rankings with respect to the tourism industry. Though it is a different city yet it has harbors that are found in Europe as well as winding waterways and large lakes that even involve the Elbe River.

There are many places to see at the city center of Hamburg that let and proves a real treat for the tourist to watch and enjoy. The tour of city center can be started from Mönckebergstraße, the area which is located at the west of Hamburg’s central railway station and primarily is a shopping area with streets Spitaler Straße and Mönckebergstraße, leading to Hamburg’s town hall. In proximity to Mönckebergstraße is located the churches St. Jacobi (at road Jakobikirchhof) and St. Petri (at road Bergstraße), that are among five prominent churches of Hamburg. Located close to Hamburg is situated St. Petri where is the Hubelhaus that dates from the beginning of the 20th century as most buildings around.

After Monckebergstrabe at city center another attractive place to visit around is the city hall. The Mönckebergstraße ends at Hamburg’s impressive city hall, the Rathaus. The city hall was constructed around in 1897 of sandstone especially about in neo-Renaissance style, and has about one 112 meter tower. Inside the tower there are many magnificent halls that are there used for representative purposes and for the sitting of government and parliament. Behind the city hall is located the Hamburg’s House of Commerce (“Börse”). As behind the buildings, there is situated a little spot known to be as Rathaushof with its fountain Hygieia-Brunnen.

The next attractive place to worth roaming around is the Rathausmarkt, which is located as in front of the city hall. It is known for organizing various events and programs especially in summer. North of the Rathausmarkt, one will find the white arches at a canal named Alsterarkaden. The whole area behind it is full of indoor shopping arcades. The most well-known area there is the Hanse Viertel.

Area around St. Nikolai from the House of Commerce into the road, Börsenbrücke is another favorite spot frequently visited by tourists. There you will get the house of the Patriotische Gesellschaft. From, behind the building to the right you will get the bridge Trostbrucke with the statues of Graf Adolf III and Bishop Ansgar at the both sides. There on the water to left is situated, the Hamburg’s oldest and remaining bridge known as to Zollenbrücke that is about from the 17th century. Area around Harbor is another place worth visiting in Hamburg. The places that a tourist must visit at Harbour Area are The Hamburg Dungeon, The Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg’s HafenCity, The Hamburg Cruise Center and many other attractive places as well.