Hamburg City Information

Hamburg CityHamburg is a large city that comes in second after Berlin in terms of population and size. However, it rates highly in tourism, as it is a different city since it houses the largest harbors that are found in Europe as well as winding waterways and large lakes including Elbe River.

The merchant district is the heart of commerce in the city. This is dominated by numerous companies and ancient red bricks architecture. The popular red district, fish market, fine dining, boating and a huge collection of night spots makes it one of the best tourist spots in the world.

City tourism and Top Hamburg sites

Most of the visitors who tour the city prefer to use the discount cards that are bought in the city like the power pass and Hamburg card which help them to save a lot of money when they use public transportation to get them from one place to another. Once can get the cards in various tourism information centers (Hamburg tourismus) that are well spread within the city. They are also sold at the Hauptbahnhof as well as all the major hotels and youth hostels.

The city attracts tourists from all parts of the world, as it is an interesting place where all people regardless of their age can have a good time while in the city. The place is filled with very many dazzling attractions. This ensures that one does not get bored when they are in the city. Some of the major tourist sites that visitors can enjoy are the huge Alster Lake that is surrounded by huge grounds of recreational space. The historic old Elbe tunnel (Alter Elbtunnel) that opens up to the island of Steinwerder. Hamburg Don amusement park that is seasonal, as well as plant and horticultural collections that is found in the Klein Flottbek botanical gardens and the arboretum.

There are loads of interesting landmark features that are found well distributed in Hamburg City as well as stunning attraction sights. One of the things that you will come across while in the city is the Hamburg Hertz TV tower, which is a large sky scraper that dominates the city’s skyline. You will also lay your eyes on ornate buildings that are a part of the court buildings. Ensure you don’t miss the red brick speicherstadt building that is found in the free port area on the harbor side, which has great importance to the locals.

If you love culture, this is one of the greatest destinations as Hamburg has a fantastic collection of museums that have a lot of educational information on the local as well as other subject areas. There are numerous guided tours in most of the museums to ensure you get to learn as much as you can on the trip. When looking for a scary experience take part in the Hamburg dungeon guided tours that will give you a scare. One also gets to learn a lot of information on zoology and botany where there are museums set aside for this. There are also lots of art galleries and museums with unique art pieces found between Glockengiesserwall and Deichtorststasse.

Located in close proximity to Hamburg, there are many places that tourists can visit to have a good time. These include several neighboring islands that can be easily accessed by boat. The islands offer vast stretches of sandy beachfronts. One can also visit Stade city that is found next to Hamburg. Here you will find beautiful waterfront attractions that are located in the busy harbors. To enjoy German Scenery and many medieval villages, you can visit Lunerburg Heath, which offers these attractions. This ensures that visitors are well occupied at all times to have a memorable experience.