Hamburger Dom Funfair

Hamburger Dom Funfair The city of Hamburg is known for the Hamburger Dom, the large funfair held at Heiligengeistfeld area, in the North of Germany. Nowhere else in Germany is so large and big a fair held. With three fairs (spring, summer and winter) per year, it attracts approximately ten million visitors annually. The fair is located in the center of Hamburg on the Heiligengeistfeld flak tower.

Winterdom or Dommarkt (winter fair or cathedral market)is held for 30 days in late autumn, Sommerdom or Hummelfest (summer fair or Hummel market) is held for 31 days during summer and Frühlingsdom (spring fair) is held for 30 days in spring. The Spring Fair is opened to visitors for a whole month from mid March to mid April. The events and the various exhibitions attract lot of visitors. The fun fair suggests various families’ activities and mass of stands spread along more than two miles (3.5 Km). Fireworks are shot on Friday’s evenings.