Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is uniform for entire website and is assurance to the visitors of this website that share their info with us while having a query or retaining a service from us for protection and privacy of their information. By abiding to this legal document that states about our handling of the data that identifies you can be assured about your privacy and security of data submitted by you. When you submit your personal information through our website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and concur about the processing of that personal information as provided to this site.

Information Gathered
Hamburghotelsstay collects the personal identifiable information like as name, e-mail and phone number to authenticate visitors and to send notifications to visitors related to website and its services. A member’s e-mail address and phone number is never shared with other visitors. The visitor info as gathered by the website is never used for the general management and promotion of the Website and or the Service and for tracking purpose as to lookout for improvement in explorer’s offering. We do not straight share one’s email address available to anyone on any screen of the Hamburghotelsstay Service.

We have very secure measures to keep our user data intact and safe and any sort of access to this data restricted internally as well.

Disclosure for legal reasons
We keep the right to communicate a visitor’s data and info with the third parties that wish to look at its disclosure and make a legally-compliant request for the disclosure of the data.

Contacting Hamburghotelsstay
In case you have any query about this privacy policy you can seek questions about this privacy policy through our contact us page.

Changes in the Privacy Policy
In case any change is proposed or carried out with respect to Privacy Policy or e-mail practice the changes will be post at the privacy statement, the homepage, and other places as fit to be appropriate. We keep all the rights to make any change into our privacy policy at any period of time and all the regular visitors would be notified about those respective changes.